17239 Point compensation recorder ZEPAREX 39


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Description of device frame:
Measuring and recording devices are located on the frame and slid into the box. The frame can be slid out. The face of the box is covered with transparent door with a label on it.
Basic design of the recorder consists of the following functional blocks:
- Recording table
- Unit of print and paper feed
- Linear motor with servo amplifier and scale
- Mother board of printed circuit with switchover of measuring places and pre-amplifier, on which there are connecting connectors for range units and other functional blocks and for connecting stripe cable with the box of the device and there is also interconnecting field on this mother board for the assignment of measuring place for corresponding scale of the device
- Connectors for connection of electronic circuits of individual measuring channels and for connection with the terminal board of the box
- Range units
- Board of control paper feed and print with circuits of signalling and adjustment of limit switches
- Box of the device with terminal board and mains source Range units are accessible after sliding the device from the box and unscrewing the covering label.
The device has no cut-out fuse. It is protected against overload by non-destructive thermally dependent limiter in the circuit of primary wiring of the supply transformer. Individual measuring places have mutual galvanic separation. Colours on the label in the bottom part of door correspond to individual measuring places. The colours in scale indicate the actually measured place and are equal with the colour of the record.
Applied colours are (in order):
1. velvet
2. red
3. black
4. green
5. blue
6. brown

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