ZPA Nová Paka, a. s.

ZPA Nová Paka, a.s. is a company with a long-standing tradition in the field of measurement and control technologies. We offer the development, production, sale, metrology, assembly, counselling, projection and service in the Czech Republic and abroad.
We are convinced that ZPA Nová Paka, a.s. will provide you with a complete solution to your intentions, linked with the quality, reliability, technological perfection and extensive know-how acquired through the period of the tradition longer than sixty years.



15. 02. 2012|Long drilled mono-block wells

Dear business friends,

We are pleased to inform you that in the recent days, our firm has put into operation and tested successfully the manufacturing equipment for drilling long slender holes, thanks to which we have joined the very limited number of the European firms providing the technology of deep drilling.

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30. 11. 2011|English version of webpages

Dear business friends,

let us inform you that we have already started our English version of webpages.

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