312 Thermoelectric temperature sensor without protective armature (jacketed thermocouples)(Ex ia)


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  • For such temperature measurements, which require
    - Short temperature response time (fast response of the sensor to a change of the measured temperature);
    - Small dimensions and flexibility of the sensor (possibility of shaping the thermocouple)
    - High mechanical resistance to pressure, strokes and vibrations;
    - Resistance to fast temperature changes;
    - High insulation resistance at normal ambient temperature and high temperatures;
    - Good general resistance to corrosion, resistance to corrosion live;
    - Higher stability of output signal in comparison with wire thermocouples;
    - Other specific properties of jacketed thermocouples
  • With material of thermocouple jacket INCONEL 600 for the environment, which requires great resistance to oxidation, resistance in clear air to 1150°C, it is not recommended for CO2 and sulphur gases over 550°C and sodium over 750°C;
  • With material of thermocouple jacket 1.4541 for the environment, which requires good resistance to corrosion between crystals even after welding, good resistance to heavy oil products, steam and exhaust gases, good resistance to oxidation, maximum temperature of application 800°C;
  • For explosive conditions in areas Zone 2, Zone 1 and Zone 0 pursuant to EN 60079-10 in case of connection to the Ex ia circuit
  • For the environment, where mechanical resistance is required pursuant to EN 60068-2-6 (class AH2) and seismic capability of the electrical equipment of the safety system of the nuclear power stations pursuant to IEC 980 (MVZ level SL-2).
  • The areas of application may be e.g. nuclear energy, steam boilers, pressurized water reactors, airplane engines, processing of plastic materials, paper production and food production industries.
  • The sensors in EX ia design are rated products pursuant to the Directive 2014/30/EU of the European Parliament and the Council and EU Declaration of Conformity EU-312000 is issued for them.

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