Long drilled mono-block wells

Dear business friends,

We are pleased to inform you that in the recent days, our firm has put into operation and tested successfully the manufacturing equipment for drilling long slender holes, thanks to which we have joined the very limited number of the European firms providing the technology of deep drilling.

Therefore, as the only one in the Czech Republic we can offer the range of services extended with long drilled mono-block high-parameter wells typified pursuant to ČSN, DIN and ASME and wells pursuant to special customer requirements, namely
• Up to the length of bore of 500 mm with the diameter of 3.5 mm
• Up to the length of bore of 1200 mm with the diameter of 7 and 9 mm


These wells can be manufactured from stainless and structural carbon steels and, on the basis of an agreement, also from other metal materials. The documentation for the extended range of wells has been developed nowadays.

The said equipment shall be also used during the production of currently offered high-parameter wells, thanks to which the tolerance of dimensions of the bore as well as the quality of the surface of the treated hole will be improved.

In connection with the newly installed equipment, allow us also to offer co-operation works to you in the area of deep drilling up to the diameter of 23 mm and the length of the pass-on hole up to 2000 mm with the diameter of the rod up to 40 mm.

We are persuaded that the installed technological equipment will help you during the realization of the issues, which could be hardly solved or could not be solved at all till now, not only in the area of measurement and regulation.

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