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  •  to ensure the purity of the fluid sample to be used for conductivity and other parameter measurements, e.g. in conjunction with the Type 162 34 reduction chamber to limit its fouling by impurities
  • to ensure the cleanliness of the fluids in the piping in circuits for measuring the flow of steam, condensate, water and other liquids
  • as selected equipment within the meaning of Decree No 358/2016 Coll., as amended, on requirements for quality assurance and technical safety and assessment and verification of conformity of selected equipment
  • as selected equipment of safety class 2, 3 and 4 within the meaning of Decree No 430/2011 Coll. on nuclear safety requirements and Decree No 431/2011 Coll. on quality management system, as amended
  • in environments where mechanical resistance is required
  • according to ČSN EN 60068-2-6-6ed. 2 (class AH2 according to ČSN 33 2000-5-51 ed. 3) and seismic capability of electrical equipment of the safety system of nuclear power plants according to ČSN IEC 980 (MVZ level SL-2).
  • as a special design with internal surface cleanliness grade I according to TPE 10-40/1926/85 (code PC1)
  • for industrial environments with high SO2 concentrations and marine climates
  • Containers are not specified products within the meaning of Act No. 22/1997 Coll.

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