352 Thermoelectric rod temperature sensor Ex d with metal protective tube without converter or with converter


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  • For remote measurement of temperature of gases, for which the properties of the material of the protective tube are suitable (e.g. in furnaces)
  • For explosive environment pursuant to ČSN EN 60079-10 (ČSN EN 61241-10)
    - Protective tube of the sensor may be installed into zone 0(20), zone 1(21) or zone 2(22)
    - Other parts of the sensor (screw-joint, connecting head) may be located in zone 1(21) or zone 2(22)
    - In case of application of the converter Ex ia or in case of connection into Ex ia circuit, the sensor may be used in zone 0 (20)
  • As a complete set with control or diagnostic systems for process monitoring
  • Design with converter to convert the signal of the thermoelectric sensor to unified output signal 4 to 20 mA or digital signal (converter with HART protocol)
  • The sensors are rated products pursuant to the Act No. 22/1997 and Compliance Certificate EC-352000 is issued for them.

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