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  • for most technologies and operations where a large number of different measured or calculated values of electrical or non-electrical quantities must be displayed and possibly recorded in one place
  • The Zeparex 570 digital recorders are specified products within the meaning of Act No. 22/1997 Coll. and are covered by the EU Declaration of Conformity EU-570000 issued in accordance with Act No. 90/2016 Coll.


The Zeparex 570 allows the user to freely use all eight positions for mounting input and output plug-in modules. In this way, up to 96 channels can be measured and recorded in the maximum configuration of the instrument. For increased reliability, the instrument has two systems, a main and a backup.
The Zeparex 570 is equipped with digital control inputs and outputs, RS 485 link, Ethernet 10/100, USB connection as well as 512 MB internal memory for storing measured data.
The Zeparex 570 is designed for panel mounting or as a desktop and outdoor version when using portable cases.



Modular recorder with 8 positions for plug-in modules:

Analog inputs, max. 12 inputs/module
digital inputs, max. 12 inputs/module
analogue outputs, max. 4 outputs/module
digital outputs, max. 10 outputs/module
data outputs


Basic instrument equipment:

5.7" colour TFT display with capacitive panel
main and backup system
digital inputs and outputs
recording to internal memory, SD card or USB Flash
Ethernet 10/100B, RS 485 - Modbus
USB, microUSB
internal data memory 2x 512 MB
audio module
size 150 x 150 mm
IP64 protection
power supply 80...250 V AC/DC


The instrument is dominated by a 5.7" TFT colour display with fine resolution. The capacitive touch panel used allows convenient operation.



The instrument is controlled by a touch panel and buttons located under the front hinged cover, which have adjustable functions. Two signal LEDs indicate operation/error and active data recording.



All functions and settings are made directly on the instrument display in a clear graphical menu. A USB keyboard or mouse can be connected for more convenient setup.


Data recording
The Zeparex 570 data logger can record measured values from all active inputs, nodes and mathematical functions. Data is stored on the internal 512 MB memory with compression that allows up to four times the size of the physical memory without slowing it down. Data can also be stored on an external SD card or USB Flash.
With a limited number of measurement inputs, measured data can be stored with a period of up to 1 ms.
The records can be in BIN or "CSV" format, which is, however, much more memory intensive.

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